Residential Respite

In Home Respite

Every day, A New Leaf is having a profound, life altering effect on over 150 people. Yet there are still hundreds sitting at home with Mom and Dad having no connection to the community. A New Leaf’s goal is to help these families.

In 2002, A New Leaf launched a residential program to meet the needs of local parents. Working with a parent, we help to find staff the family is comfortable with to come into their home and assist with the care and supervision of their child or adult child. Our In-Home program now reaches from Tulsa to Henryetta to Muskogee.

Through the In-Home program, services can be offered that make the difference between having an individual stay with their family or have to move into a group home situation. The added support the parents are able to receive enable their child/adult child to live a fulfilling, quality life.

The In-Home support allows staff to be of assistance in teaching and training daily living skills while promoting  a more promising future of independence.

A New Leaf provides services to eligible children, ages 3 through 17, or eligible adults, 18 or older. A New Leaf offers the In-Home HTS Program for the entire Green Country area.

For more information on the program contact our Program Coordinator for In-Home Services, Katherine Maple, at 918-451-1491